As the first electric car programs were set up, Katie realised that her passion was electric cars and sustainable travel with the goal of saving money for clients as well as helping the environment. 

Katie’s first hand experience of living and breathing sustainable transport ensures that clients will receive expert advice from someone that is passionate as well as knowledgeable about sustainable transport, not just for now, but also the future.

Her background of being a UK Car Benefits Manager and Implementing an electric vehicle program for Microsoft, means that she knows the challenges that lie ahead for her client’s.

It is all in the detail

Katie’s services are perfect for today’s travel environment but are constantly evolving as the use of transport changes within the business arena. Katie’s extensive knowledge in this area covers a wide range of services including:
Experienced Project Management
Workshops and seminars

We listen to our clients. We ask them what they want and need, then draw on our experience and expertise to find real solutions.


Our latest recognition was to become a Go Ultra Low Company based on the passion and drive we have for the Electric Vehicle Industry as a whole.  Go Ultra Low is a joint government and car industry campaign through the Department of Transport that supports businesses and drivers in making the switch to electric.  The campaign is supported by a number of car manufacturers as well as the Governments Office for Low Emission Vehicles.